About Me

Carol2After a half century of searching, I have learned the secret.  Do not define yourself by what you have done or what your career or various jobs have been.  If one stays trapped in the past it is difficult to continue to love learning.  Biographies dwell in the past.  What was the author forty years ago, twenty years ago or yesterday?  Right now is the culmination of who you have been.

The experiences I have had have brought me to this moment. Just like each of you! With a continuing passion for food, wine, travel experience and people, I bring that spirit to this website and blog and hope you share the love of learning with a writer, foodie, world traveler, wife, mother, business owner and all of those other past references!  Not necessarily in that order.

Living in different areas of the world, California and Hawaii as well as the south of France has been a blast!  My children are citizens of the world as I wished them to be.  The environmentalist in London, the leopard conservationist in South Africa and a special forces Navy diver have given me the opportunity to explore their world through their experiences, food and otherwise.

Expanding knowledge with the love of life and all of its foibles and angst has given me the courage to reach out.

Let’s live!

Carol Richmond