Diner’s Delightful

photo(20)Diners and Cafe’s are integral to the lives of Texans and since I spent time in that bastion of heat, cowboys and football, I love a great place to eat without tablecloths and pretense. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the trappings of wealthy social mores, but sometimes a great diner is a life experience. Whilst waiting for an appointment with the finest Dr. in the land, I happened upon the Los Gatos Cafe. Not expecting much from the appearance of the building, but game to try, I found a gem. We were greeted by a smiling bustling staff and seated directly upon arrival. Breakfast is king and served until 2:30 in the afternoon. Being an early riser, I opted for the Greek salad and my companion, a hard core vegetarian, the grilled cheese super. Now in most non vegetarian restaurants, the veg head gets left out. What has been placed on the table with the word sandwich consists of nothing more than a piece of lettuce and a slice of Jack. This was a total treat and a portion that joined us on our trip home. The Cheddar cheese was delightfully soft, avocado, tomatoes and sprouts were generously added and the home made fries, gone in a flash! My salad was again generous in proportion and grilled chicken that had not been sitting the fridge for a day or two. Chicken was freshly grilled and succulent. The best part was the unexpected speedy delivery with smiles and value for your dollar!

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